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Get a glimpse into the raw rock and blues energy of Julianne Q & The Band

Video by Matty Jiles

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2017 has been a busy year for Julianne Q and The Band. From the release of their debut album in May to playing many iconic venues such as Martyrs, The Cubby Bear, and Tonic Room, the band has really picked up steam in the last year.”  – CHARMMusic

'Under The Knife' Receives International Attention!


“A rather original writing theme that we had never seen before…a real success…” 

“‘Under The Knife’ explores the dark side of the artist, and offers us a powerful track, both vocally and musically.” – Music For Your Heart, blog

What Listeners Are Saying


“JQ certainly leaves her mark with every punchy lyric that…lands on its intended target with the maximum effect. [‘Last Call’ is] a torch song for you, me and everyone else.” – mp3hugger, Blog

“Julianne Q & The Band rock the Elbo Room every first Friday of the month! You won’t find another band who hits the streets and promotes the shows quite like them! True gem ready to be discovered!” – Jake Ayers, Talent Buyer