Jeff, Ricky and I are SO beyond excited to welcome Egan Franke to The Band!! Egan proved himself to be a nuanced, talented and hard-working musician at his audition. The guys and I felt that Egan jived with us almost immediately, and his enthusiasm to make music his career made him a perfect fit.

Catch Egan for the first time as a member of The Band on Friday, 11/3 at the Elbo Room!

Egan recently graduated from Columbia College as a Composition Major. Huge S/O to the Columbia Music faculty for connecting Julianne and Egan via email! Egan has studied and played in jazz bands for years, which allowed him to grow his improv and theory skills. This was an especially appealing trait to Ricky and Jeff who are jazz guys themselves! Egan has also played bass in pop, rock, and musical theatre – this matched well with Julianne’s musical theatre background too.

Welcome to the #QNation fam, Egan!!