My musical/ entrepreneurial journey has always been filled with peaks and valleys. This week leading up to our band’s writing retreat had some really hard blows that lead me into some deep valleys. Ironically or not, spending this weekend focusing on songwriting led me back to the reasons why I love creating music.  I’ve been stuck in a terrible creative rut in my songwriting, and so I was really looking forward to a cathartic release of new material that I was too self-critical to release on my own. I was finally able to let go of that inner critic who kept barring me from writing new music because it couldn’t possibly be good enough. My guys encouraged me and helped me break free of myself.

We wanted to get away from the city and our normal day-to-day lives and write some brand new music. So, we rented a cozy cabin up in Plymouth, WI and embarked on our first writing retreat. We cranked out four brand new completed songs, reworked an older song and started one new idea as well. Our time together also became a major turning point in the band’s chemistry with Egan, our newest addition. Egan contributed intricate jazz chords and theory knowledge and introduced us to Wolfmother’s first album for inspiration. He also made some mad good tacos.

I’m really proud of the guys. We all pushed ourselves outside our creative bounds and combined our styles into some beautiful new rock music. In exploring our new collective writing style, we also bonded as friends.

The Band and I cannot wait to record these new songs in April and release them over various EPs. Thank you for taking this journey with us.