Egan, Jeff and I are THRILLED to welcome the newest addition to our band/family – Chris Arwady! I met Chris through our mutual friend and amazing sax player, Destiny “TK” Pivonka. TK and her band “Heartless Pariah” host a weekly pro jam every Tuesday night at Moe’s Tavern in Chicago. Chris and I hit it off instantly – on and off the stage! I was immediately amazed by Chris’s insane musical dexterity, technical skill and vast catalogue of songs to choose from. Chris is also a wonderfully talented songwriter, and the guys and I are psyched to write with him on our next songwriting retreat in June!

Chris was raised in a musical family and started playing music at the age of 9 on a $100 classical guitar from Costco. After a year, shortly after the release of Santana’s “Supernatural”, he bought a secondhand Silvertone electric out of the Chicago Tribune classified ads with saved allowance, opening the doors to his first real awakening to the awesome power of rock ‘n roll.

Along with Santana, Chris found inspiration in Hendrix, Zeppelin, Clapton, and Floyd. He began performing original music live at school functions at age 11 and was playing late
nights in smoky bars by age 13. He started teaching guitar professionally at age 15 while continuing to gig with Sure Fire Groove, a Chicago-based alt-country quartet. Sure Fire Groove later released two original records, the second of which gained critical acclaim and radio play on WXRT and other local Chicago stations.
Chris is extremely excited to lend his hands and ears to the band. As a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter himself, he’s looking forward to working with Julianne, Egan, and Jeff, all of whom are very facile on multiple instruments, and contributing to both the band’s new compositions and their enthusiastic, barn-burning live performances.
Welcome to the #QNation fam Chris!!