Julianne Q and the Band. For nearly two years that’s how we’ve been known. We’ve made countless memories performing under this name to our amazing Q Nation fans all around Chicago. Over the last six months, our identity has grown. We have a new lineup, a new sound and with it, a new soul.

Drawing on our roots in classic rock and blues we have found within ourselves the primal, raw ecstasy of rock shows from a time gone by. Screaming vocals. Shredding guitar riffs. Raw emotional energy drives the evocative imagery in our lyrics. Julianne Q and The Band could no longer contain this energy. We needed a new name for this power, this urge to explode our hearts onto the stage.

We call it The Howl. A cathartic release of passion and rock and roll. A calling to reach deep down and liberate all the dark, animalistic emotions that society doesn’t want you to explore. An ecstatic proclamation of those all-consuming emotions that make us human.

When you’re at our shows, we want you to be a part of this primal scream, The Howl.

We are Julianne Q & The Howl.