A few weeks ago, Julianne dug deep and opened up about her decision to pursue music. Learn more about her story in her scholarship entry video. Comment/send us an email on how following your inner voice has changed your life.

Shot and edited by Joel Lopez of Lumbra Records

Assistant directed by David Cameli



Following That Little Voice Inside You – My Story

"Throughout my life, I've struggled with being vulnerable out of fear of being seen as weak, especially as a woman and as a band leader. Thank you to Joel Lopez and David Cameli for helping me tell my story. Follow that little voice inside you and it'll lead you to incredible things." – Julianne QFilmed/Edited/Directed by Joel Lopez of Lumbra RecordsLive Performance Videos by Joel Lopez & Matty Jiles

Posted by Julianne Q & The Howl on Friday, July 20, 2018