“I just want everything to happen RIGHT NOW!!”

Phrases like “I deserve this, damn it!” or “I’ve worked so freakin’ hard, why isn’t my dream a reality yet??”

I’ve struggled with these thoughts more often than I’d like to admit. These thoughts cloud my head with seemingly suffocating self-doubt and anxiety. I get lost in worries and what-if’s. This all devolves into losing my momentum and belief in myself.

As creatives, artists and musicians use many ways to cope with these feelings of anxiety and hopelessness when faced with seemingly insurmountable hurdles in their careers. In times of frustration and self-doubt, I’ve found that making your career dreams come true is a result of three things:

  • Patience
  • Consistent hard work
  • Faith


Developing a craft, a tribe of followers and a business takes time. It takes years of research, practicing, networking and more. Success never happens over night, which is why it’s extremely important to be patient with both yourself and the apparent results of your work. You could be putting in all the hours and feel like you’re getting nowhere. In these moments, it’s important to reflect on your journey and how far you’ve come – even if it doesn’t seem very far in that moment. Remember the little victories that have gotten you to where you are, and the future little victories you’re going to achieve.

Consistent Hard Work

Success requires putting your money where your mouth is every single day. It means spending at least a small portion of your time dedicated to developing some business aspect of your career – whether it be honing your skill, developing your marketing plan, or sending emails – every single day. Your fellow musicians, talent buyers, coworkers and more will notice your hard work and will value you more for it. People would much rather work with someone who’s going to spend the time making something happen than some lazy chump who waits around.


No matter what you decide to do with your life, arguably THE MOST important thing you can do is believe in yourself. If you don’t believe that you can do it, how can you possibly convince others that you can? Having faith in yourself translates into confidence in your performance, which further translates into success. You have to believe in what you’re doing in order to sell it and make it happen for yourself. Throughout the financial and emotional ups and downs, having a strong foundation of faith in yourself and why you’re doing what you do will carry you through the deepest valleys and the highest hills.

Your journey throughout your career will always be filled with long days, late nights and uphill battles. This is why I find it comforting to recognize that good, strong things (like a music career) take time and nurturing. So give yourself and your career a little TLC, and remember that you’ve got this.