Introducing Our New Guitarist – Chris Arwady!!

Egan, Jeff and I are THRILLED to welcome the newest addition to our band/family - Chris Arwady! I met Chris through our mutual friend and amazing sax player, Destiny "TK" Pivonka. TK and her band "Heartless Pariah" host a weekly pro jam every Tuesday night at Moe's...

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Writing Retreat Reflections: Peaks and Valleys

My musical/ entrepreneurial journey has always been filled with peaks and valleys. This week leading up to our band’s writing retreat had some really hard blows that lead me into some deep valleys. Ironically or not, spending this weekend focusing on songwriting led...

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A BIG Thank You

The first week of 2018 has already flown by, yet I'm still reflecting on how many amazing moments make 2017 so rewarding. Last year was full of many up's and down's - both personally and professionally. I released my first ever album. I went through and came out of a...

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Monthly Residency in the Daily Herald!

Brian is one of the biggest fans and supporters of local music I’ve met, and I’m grateful to have met him. You can check out Brian’s article that includes his view of our “engaging blues-tinged pop” here!

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Back in the Studio!

Over the past couple of months, the Band and I have been in and out of the studio. We've been working with some amazingly talented producers and engineers, including Noe Ramirez at Castleroc Studio and Jamie Carter at his home studio near Kankakee. We are going to...

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Goodbye & Thank You, Jimmy.

     A truly amazing chapter in the Q Nation story is coming to a close.                                                                                   Our bass player, Jimmy will be leaving the bandto pursue a career path outside of music. Though we are sad to see...

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The Making of The Band

The stories I’m about to tell of how I met my band do not even remotely do them justice…Miraculously, all the guys jived so well together both musically and personally…You can hear their souls jamming with mine all in this collective paradise of music. It’s beautiful. It’s rock. It’s soul. It’s blues. It’s the rise of Q Nation. It’s my debut album.

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The Making of a Heroine

I wrote "Heroine" as a response to the traditional dating concept that I like to call "damsel in distress". This concept has taken many roles over the years. A princess waiting for her knight in shining armor to rescue her from a high-up tower. Lois Lane waiting on...

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Julianne Q & The Howl4 days ago

THIS is what a @julianneqandthehowl show looks like 🤘🏻🤘🏻 .
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Ladies and gentlemen, we give you our new name.